Your name is Parks, and you’re a homicide detective for the New York Police Department. 

After three years hot on the trail of the most cold-blooded serial killer of all time, you’ve finally managed to catch up to him.  

You shoot to wound but instead shoot and kill.

Moments later your lieutenant enlightens you about the killer’s dark agenda: he’s got 16 young women hidden in several remote locations around the tri-state area, still alive but under the effect of a time-release poison.  Only the right antidote can save them, but you’ve got a major problem—how can you help them when you’ve shot dead the only person who knows where they are?

Lucky for you, new advances in technology and medicine will give you the opportunity you need, but it won’t be easy.  A new pharmaceutical will keep the killer’s brain functioning for a few more hours.

As for you, well… you’re gonna get shrunk down to microbe size and put in charge of a state-of-the-art fully weaponized miniature sub and injected into the killer’s brain. 

While in there, you’ll need to extract as much info as possible without letting the brain shut down.  If the killer dies, unfortunately you go with him.  And that will not make the lieutenant happy.

25 levels of increasingly frenzied action will push your reflexes to the limit.  Beautiful graphics, original scripted dialogue and a kick-ass intro film will get you in the mood and keep you coming back for more.  16 women depend on you for their survival-- will you be the hero they desperately need?We recommend:1 - Play with your headphones on so you can: enjoy the lifelike sounds of the sub2 - Chuckle along to the entertaining dialogue3 - Hear the awesome sound effects of your powerful weapon arsenal

copyright 2010 Vesper Lester S.L.

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